Harpist Vocalist Songwriter Improviser

Weddings & Civil Partnerships

“Having Oz play the harp on our Wedding day was truly magical, the music was beautifully played and exactly the type of music we requested, her repertoire is very impressive! She was professional and looked fantastic to blend in with our colours, her attention to detail was fab! I cannot recommend Oz enough! Thank you Oz, you brought a special touch to our day.”
- Jay and James


To make a booking call: +44-795-215-4287 or send a message

Ceremonies and Civil Marriages

Ozlem plays a Camac electric lever harp, which means that the harp can be amplified to suit any occasion and any type of venue, be it out in the open or indoors. The volume of the harp can be adjusted at any time to a soft background sound or louder for a solo effect.

The music you choose depends upon your own musical tastes and the atmosphere you would like to create on the day. Ozlem will discuss your preferences with you beforehand and help you to select your choice of music for the ceremony.

On the day Ozlem will play:

Civil Partnerships

Each civil partnership ceremony and party is so unique booking a consultation before hand to discuss the details would be the starting point.

If you're a little daring and want something really original and outstanding you could book her to play her improvised set which would include her playing the harp, the theremin creating soundscapes and something magical that is played in that instance for that very occasion. This act is more in the realms of performance art all with original music written or improvised by her. This is a little more experimental of course and for the right occasion can be the gig you are looking for.

approx. 1 hour, or can be in two sets of 45 minutes

Reception and Photos

Music that will entertain your guests as photos are taken and they wait to go into the Wedding Breakfast.

approx. 1 hour

Wedding Breakfast

Subtle, light background music during the meal until the speeches begin.

approx. 2 hours

“Oz played the harp beautifully at our wedding. She played a moving musical interlude during the ceremony, that sparked tears of emotion from members of the congregation. She also provided wonderful background music to our reception. She had a broad repertoire ranging from Elvis to classical and gave an unusual twist to some classic love songs. She was also very open to our suggestions. We were thrilled with the music and were overwhelmed with great feedback from the guests too. I cannot recommend Oz highly enough.”
- Catherine Dyer

To make a booking call: +44-795-215-4287 or send a message