Harpist Vocalist Songwriter Improviser


"I always get really excited about working with Oz, she seems to channel the songs, instinctively knowing exactly what to bring to them. She makes my songs better. More themselves."
- Viv Albertine -

Guinness Promo Video

Ozlem was featured in a short promo video for Guinness produced by mattr.media

WOLFSKIN : Sister of the Wolf Spirits | A "Richard Mansfield" Silhouette Film

An epic fairy tale told with pieces of card cut into over 400 silhouette puppets and brought to life by a talented team of animators.

The soundtrack was composed and performed by Harpist, Singer and Theremin player Ozlem Simsek.

Licentia - Reading & Book by A.A. Walker [Thin Man Press]
Ozlem Simsek - Theremin and Harp Loops

Licentia is a fragmented journal, an 'artefact of desire' A kaleidoscope of erotic portraits, intersecting relationship, encounters and hallucinations.

PART 1 - Filmed at Kulcha HQ by Paul Williams - Kulcha Productions

PART 2 - Filmed at Kulcha HQ by Paul Williams - Kulcha Productions

PART 3 - Filmed at Kulcha HQ by Paul Williams - Kulcha Productions

Fiona Banner and Viv Albertine

It was a great pleasure and lots of fun to play for a one-off musical performance and screening curated by the English artist Fiona Banner and Singer-songwriter Viv Albertine.

Snoopy vs The Red Barron 2012 [above and below]

Viv Albertine

Over the years I've had the pleasure of playing live for the British singer and songwriter Viv Albertine. In 2012 I was also asked to play and sing on her new album "The Vermilion Border", which was very inspirational. Here are a couple of videos from her live shows:

"Hook up girl" (Live at Bush Hall 2010)

"Confessions of a MILF" (ATP Minehead 2010)

Gazelle Twin

Elizabeth Walling is the one person responsible for the hauntingly beautiful project Gazelle Twin. I was part of the band she put together for the launch of her debut album in 2011 (Electrowerks - London):

Album Launch "The Entire City"