Harpist Vocalist Songwriter Improviser

Corporate Events & Special Occasions

"We've worked with Ozlem since 2009 across a range of live multi-media theatrical and client projects at The Roundhouse, The Latitude festival and one-off product launches for brands. Be it an artistic collaboration, or a corporate commission, her contribution is more than her beautiful music and art, but her approach, professionalism and work ethic is second to none. A total pleasure to work with, and to be with."
- Michael Wilson Founder & Creative Director ditto.tv

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The harp can bring that finishing touch to any memorable occasion.

Ozlem's bright pink Camac baby blue is visually stunning and offers an alternative to the more classical look you might expect from a harpist. She has a sharp and original attire and is always pushing boundaries to make her performance a unique one.

Corporate Event Entertainment

Be it a small intimate event for 10 or a product launch for more than 100 guests, Ozlem plays an electric harp so the volume of the music can be adjusted to suit the mood perfectly.

Please get in touch for a personal consultation so the details of the event can be discussed and an original performance can be tailored for your event. To make a booking call: +44-795-215-4287 or send a message.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Private Parties

To mark a special day that you plan to share with your friends and family, why not book Ozlem to play some well loved songs that can be completely tailored to the occasion? This could range from a vintage party set in 1920's or 1950's, coming up to the power ballads of the 1980's, or a child's birthday party with tunes from their favorite shows. Or, if you are a little more adventurous, you can ask Ozlem to perform some of her improvised work involving the theremin and harp and singing, all in the same set.

Valentines day & Mothers day are both occasions that would suit having some soothing harp melodies. If you’re a business owner wanting to create a different kind of ambiance and to bring something new in for your customers you could think of booking Ozlem to play a few sessions during the day or evening for your customers.

Concert and Festivals

Ozlem writes and performs her own music which she has been recording and playing live for the past five years. For this more original performance she uses a loop pedal enabling her to record realtime, creating layers of melody until you are listening to a magical body of sparkling sounds that have been brought together in that very moment. Improvising and creating music in the moment is Ozlem's speciality and she would be happy to give you more information on how this performance would work for your event. For examples of her solo work please visit the Music page. If you would like to book her for a festival or concert please call: +44-795-215-4287 or send a message.