Harpist Vocalist Songwriter Improviser


Ozlem Simsek is a multi instrumentalist, singer, performer and songwriter.

Her is influenced by the richness of her cultural origins; the minor tones that dominate her compositions give a hint of her middle eastern background while being entwined with her western studies in classical music.

Born to a Turkish father and an English mother, by the time she entered Istanbul University State Conservatory to study harp at age 11 she had already gained experience on the stage as a child performer in opera and musicals.

On completion of her studies she won the 'Best Song' prize in the Apple/Bilkom I-Can competition as part of an electronic/ambient duo. The prize was a car which she promptly sold to buy her electric harp.

While she continued composing her own music she also sang in a successful Istanbul-based band (Tamburada) and was employed frequently as a voice for TV and radio jingles.

In 2006 she relocated to London, initially working with the harp and later bringing in her voice, and finally adding the theremin.

Ozlem currently composes music for short film and animation, collaborates with artists, dancers and performance art, and as a highly adaptable musician she continues to play live in the contemporary classical, experimental, avant garde and pop music scenes.